[Video] Portugal with two naughty toddlers: A montage

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For my friends who don’t have time to read anymore… I tried to tell our travel story through this video montage:



Survival Tips – (Check out air travel tips here: 11 Things I Do To Make Air Travel With Baby Easier)

1. Keep it simple (we just did Lisbon and Porto)

2. Book apartments/ Airbnb

3. Go with the flow don’t overplan

4. Take turns going out at night or call a babysitter

5. Plan for delays and downtime / chilling

6. Take the damn Strollers (they save lives!!!)

We could have…

  • Been to Sintra and the Southern Coast (but we preserved our sanity and didn’t pack in too much)
  • Spent an extra day in Porto (Didn’t realize how beautiful it was going to be!!)

Foodwise… (see a whole post on food options by continent here)

  • Kids ate cereal, omelettes, brioches/croissants, fruits (strawberries, grapes, bananas, oranges) for breakfast
  • Packed some nuts and dried fruits for snacks
  • They ate pasta, noodles, sausages, French Fries etc for lunch and dinner

Planning help:

  • Try Withlocals if you want a local experience while celebrating special occasions
  • Try to rent cars before hand to avoid paying an arm and a leg
  • Be prepared for the unexpected! We arrived in Lisbon when the Taxi strike was on – and Uber doesn’t have car seats for babies – so we were forced to take public transportation and walk longer distance (even when we didn’t want to). Enjoyed the sights and scenes and slowed it down to keep the kids happy and engaged!

MOST OF ALL… don’t worry about checking off every box and going to everything on the Lonely Planet guide! Have fun, soak it in, and do the best with the time and your kids situation. Neel and Arya were happiest just running around in an open square chasing birds! We slowed our plans to just let them knock themselves out!

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