Travel Mom’s Guide to Baby Food While Traveling: 4 Key Tips and An Easy Reference Chart

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Statutory Warning: I am merely sharing with you about my approach to baby nutrition while traveling. It is neither FDA approved nor Indian Medical Association validated.

Arya literally eating the whole menu! 😛

I was trying to avoid writing about food because it seems to be the most touchy subjects among moms. But I have had so many moms ask me what I do about food while traveling, I thought this merited a post! There are so many different ways to approach food for babies, I am just sharing my experience and approach as a travel mom – so take my suggestions but follow your instinct.

I am not very strict about what time and what food I give to Arya – I let her try most things within reason. There are strict no-nos for me like sugar, soda, chips, etc. But I am fairly flexible about some things – like I don’t mind giving lightly salted foods for a meal, or the tiny amount of sugar in bread. Here is my approach in general:

  1. IMG_1192
    Just kidding… random food porn. I would never feed this to baby! Thats just for mommy 🙂

    Relax my food rules a little for holidays: I don’t give her fried food or processed foods at home – but I carry pooris, order some French fries (if I know the oil is clean), or wheat puffs for holidays.

  2. Make her try local food: I would like to teach my baby to be a true traveler and enjoy local cuisine when she grows up, so I ask the locals what they feed their babies and ask them to make some for Arya. For example – I fed red rice string hoppers to Arya while we were in Sri Lanka and Greek Yogurt in Greece.
  3. Improvise with some food from home and some local food: take some familiar tastemakers from home (like ghee or roasted cumin) and mix with local food like rice noodles. Or mix mashed mango and rice together for the most delish sweet rice ever!
  4. IMG_0905
    And when you are done with the watermelon use it as a hat!

    Don’t compromise on quality: as adults we have better developed immunity and tolerance for contaminants but our poor little babies are just working on theirs. So even if you are experiencing the country through its street food, I highly recommend going to a hygienic place to get a portion of food for the baby. Do not accept pre-cut fruit – try to buy whole fruit and cut it on your own with a clean knife.

I have put together some suggestions for what you can feed baby while traveling – broken down by meal and geography of travel. This should works for babies over 8 months till even 2 years old.  Babies younger than 8 months are mostly on breast milk or formula anyway, right? Hope this helps!


I have not introduced chicken yet (because my baby has no teeth yet), but once you do, you can ask for softer and non spicy versions of chicken like a grilled chicken breast or you can order chicken nuggets  but remove the fried covering. Some parents feed sausages too – they have a soft texture, but most of the sausages I have eaten have too much salt and preservative, so taste the sausages for that before giving it to baby.

Have any baby-food stories to share? Feel free to add stories and suggestions in the comment box below!



5 Replies to “Travel Mom’s Guide to Baby Food While Traveling: 4 Key Tips and An Easy Reference Chart”

  1. Brilliant…. helps clarify all n any doubts abt baby food while traveling. Even though my daughter was 6Mnths during my US trip, a similar one meal of local and/or fresh produce was the mantra. The geography wise segregation is the best.

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