What to Pack For A Beach Holiday With Baby

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The night before leaving for a holiday I always feel like I forgot to pack something important. So, I thought I would write this post before leaving for Sri Lanka – in case this helps me remember to pack everything I need. And helps you pack for your next beach vacation too…

So, here are my top 6 items (in addition to the regular baby packing):

  1. IMG_2132
    Left: Swimsuit, Right: Sunsuit

    Baby sunscreen: babies really don’t need anything more than an SPF 50. In fact most of us don’t need it. High SPF sunscreens may actually be bad for baby skin. I use Aveeno Natural Protection Sunscreen. Its a good consistency and works well for Arya.

  2. Sun Protection Suit: in addition to normal swimsuit – buy a sun protection suit. This is for when the baby is playing on the beach – you don’t want their delicate skin to burn, yet you want something that will dry quickly if it gets wet. I just bought this Tribord one on Amazon. We are yet to use this – will let you know how it worked out!
  3. IMG_2035
    Fred’s Swimtrainer in Action

    Swim Safety Equipment: you will most likely stay at a place with a pool where the baby can swim. So carry the equipment baby is comfortable using at home.  We use the Fred’s Academy Swimtrainer. As a mom, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this product. It is designed to encourage babies to be independent in the pool, and ensures safety without restricting movement.

  4. Baby Bath Robe: I know what you are thinking… but this really is useful for when the baby is done swimming but you are not ready to take her inside for a bath. You can remove the wet swimsuit and put a robe on while you finish whatever is cooking on the barbecue or your drink.
  5. IMG_1950
    Looking cute in her Sun Hat

    Sun Hats: get a hat that protects baby’s eyes from the sun. I got two hats from Mothercare but the one I like more is this soft white one from ShoppersStop. Buy a breathable fabric thats soft to touch. Also recommend buying one that clips/sticks at the chin, so baby cannot pull it off easily.

  6. Swim Diapers: so there is a lot of debate about these being a waste  of money. I think they are worth it especially if baby is sharing a pool with other babies. This way they are not swimming in each others pee.  I use Huggies Little Swimmers.  Is there another brand of swim diapers available??

Rest is all the regular fare like enough clothes to last at least 2 day time changes per day, towels, toiletries, grooming kit, baby food etc.

Sri Lanka… Here we come!!!


6 Replies to “What to Pack For A Beach Holiday With Baby”

  1. Swim diapers – I used nabaji available at decathlon. Alternately, I later bought a reusable swim diaper from iplay.
    Iplay diaper came for 800 rs but we used it a lot – for the city swims like a brunch with a swim kinds.
    However, if you’re in a resort for a few days, it makes sense to use disposable coz the iplay might not dry for the next use quick enough.

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