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Welcome to The Baby Travel Chronicles! First of all – a bit about me: I am an avid traveler – with over fifty countries behind me, my lust for travel only grows with each trip. I love to integrate adventure with my travel – I am an Advanced Open Water Diver (PADI certified), a decent snowboarder, a novice surfer, and basically up for most adventure sports! I have lived and worked in three continents, and consider myself a global citizen. I am also a thirty-something mom of an eight-month old – and I didn’t want motherhood to thwart my travel dreams, so my husband and I made the decision to try our best to integrate our baby with our passion for travel. I live in Hyderabad, India with my just-as-crazy-about-travel-and-adventure husband and awesome in-laws (they are awesome for never getting in the way of our plans).

Why am I writing this blog?


Well, I have always wanted to write a travel blog, and share my experiences with the world – but I didn’t think I had a unique perspective to share. Well – this may still not be unique, unique. But I do think traveling with a baby is a different experience. I use the word different but most parents around me find it difficult or impossible to travel with babies. I hope to change this perception, and I hope to encourage more moms (and dads) to experience it, and not dread the whole experience of traveling because you now have a baby along for the ride. It can still be fun, really! Trust me!

What this blog is not…


…is a travel advice portal, or an avenue to judge your parenting style (or for you to judge mine!), or tips about what to do and not do while traveling with baby, or advice on how to raise your child… well you get the point!

I merely wish to share my experiences – the hotels/resorts/airbnbs I stayed at and how they were helpful/not helpful; the sights and attractions we visited and how the baby did there; the travel services we used; heck… I will even tell you about the airline experience with babies. I will share with you the adjustments I made to my itinerary, accommodations, and plans to make it slightly more conducive to traveling with baby. When I am not traveling I may share articles written by others that I find entertaining or informative. Some of the current contributors are my friends (and family), Padma, Stuti, and Sylekhya.

If you have a great experience to share please feel free to share it on this blog too! Hope you enjoy reading this!

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